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December 6th
4 pm – 4:45 pm  
This panel of founders & editors explores their journey as Editorial Directors of African/Diaspora focused publications from inception to fruition.

Niama Safia Sandy  | Independent Curator
Niama Safia Sandy is a New York-based cultural anthropologist, curator, musician and essayist. She believes that we personify the wildest dreams and joys of our ancestors. Simply put, this is the core mandate of her work. Niama’s curatorial practice delves into the human story – through the application and critical lenses of culture, healing, history, migration, music, race and ritual. She sees her role as that of an agitator – one who endeavors to simultaneously call into question and make sense of the seemingly arbitrary nature of modern life and to celebrate our shared humanity in the process. Sandy is fascinated by the ways in which history, economics, migration and other social forces and constructs have shaped culture and identity. Her aim is to leverage history, the visual, written and performative arts, chiefly those of the Global Black Diaspora, to tell stories we know in ways we have not yet thought to tell them and to lift us all to a higher state of historical, ontological and spiritual wholeness in the process.
Najee Dorsey | Black Art in America
Najee Dorsey, artistart dealer, producer, CEO and Founder of Black Art In America™ (BAIA). BAIA is a multifaceted arts media company. Since 2010 our mission has been to document, preserve and promote the contributions of the African American visual arts community. The last nine years BAIA has generated thousands of hours of free original content and educational tools. Conducted member workshops, profiles on artists, collectors and industry professionals as well as produced and curated fine art shows in New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Kansas City, and Miami to name a few. 
Nadia Sesay | Blanc Modern Africa
Nadia Sesay is a writer and editor, born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and raised in Washington, DC. A childhood spent exploring the museums of the Smithsonian Institution in DC, including the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, sparked her early interest in art. Nadia’s genuine and deep love of art, combined with her West African heritage, produced a writing and editorial focus on the arts and culture of Africa and the diaspora. Nadia’s work has been featured on a variety of online platforms dedicated to the reportage of arts and culture from the African continent, like Okayafrica, True Africa, ContemporaryAnd, and Afribuku, a Spanish language magazine on contemporary African art.  In addition to her freelance writing, Nadia is founding editor of Blanc Modern Africa, a media platform on contemporary art and culture inspired exclusively by Africa and its diaspora. Formerly, she was contributing editor to a quarterly newsletter produced by the Young African Society of the World Bank Group.  Nadia earned a bachelor’s degree in international business from George Washington University. Her postgraduate studies in interior design and contemporary art & art business, with Corcoran College of Art & Design and Sotheby’s Institute of Art, respectively, testify to her interest in exploring the intersections of art, design, and global contemporary culture.  Nadia frequently travels to art fairs and museum exhibitions around the world to immerse herself in spaces dedicated to contemporary African art.
Melissa Hunter Davis | Sugarcane Magazine
Originally from the Midwestern United States, Melissa is the founder of Sugarcane Magazine, an online journal on the visual and performing arts of Africa and African Diaspora. Melissa’s background in the arts and keen eye inspired her to fill a niche that didn’t exist, a location to learn about artists that share the same African heritage. Since starting Sugarcane, Melissa has worked with artists such as Noelle Theard, Guensly Delva, and Gary Moore. Her site is popular among writers, content creators, and collectors that appreciate Sugarcane’s global African point of view. Melissa Hunter Davis attended Barry University where she graduated with a degree in Political Science with a minor in Theatre. She has over 20 years of experience in arts administration and theatre production.

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