Two Cornrows Have Always Been My Fave, 2018 | Jazmine Hayes


Two Cornrows Have Always Been My Fave,
Pen on Paper14 x 18 inches, with frame

16 x 20 inches


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As an interdisciplinary artist, my work invites a conversation of erased histories and the ways in which these histories are preserved and reproduced. Working specifically with histories within the African diaspora, I explore how these ​histories survive through social codes, language, fashion, music, dance, and art. ​I explore themes of spirituality, sisterhood, motherhood, bonding rituals and transformation, to conceptualize safe spaces. I use the term ‘safe space’ to refer to an environment where marginalized communities feel free and comfortable being themselves. Safe spaces are a necessary strategy for passing on intergenerational imagery and narratives for people whose histories are consistently erased, misrepresented and misinterpreted. I am concerned with the preservation of histories specifically within the production of cultural hegemony, where these histories are both subjugated and co-opted by white supremacy. My work is structured through personal experience, historical research, and oral traditions, with a focus on black female subjectivity.

The idea of a safe space is not only a physical space but how black women through shared experiences continue to necessarily hold one another up. It is an environment, person and/or action that allows one to be in relation to others without feeling judged or navigating
social toxicity that is prevalent in most public spaces. In such spaces, I can trust that I am protected spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The love language of black women is affirmed through acts of care and grooming such as hair braiding and more.


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