Coletas | Juan Requena


Cleaning cloths from Venezuela & India, Cotton thread. Hand-stitched, Hand embroidered.
144” x 130”

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Through my work, I tell stories that constantly refer to situations related to racial discrimination, post-gender thinking, human relationships and our behavior in the natural habitat.

My word installations are very fragile, ephemeral and are made on the floor. These statements are taken from books that I have read, movies that I have seen and from my personal conversations with others. I started writing statements on the street using powder since it is natural and not harmful to living organisms. Later I started using color pigments. At this stage, I am combining my statements on the street and past researches of my working in the dark. The result is my word installations using photoluminescent pigments to create a glow in the dark installations.

‘OUR HUMANITIES WILL PERPETUATE US’, is based on French poet, writer, thinker, political activist and academic from Martinique, Edouard Glissant’s treatise on the Tout-Monde (Whole World), where humanity is multiple and diversity our common asset. Glissant elaborates that our humanity is a plurality, diversity is what we all have in common. It is diversity that protects us and maybe even perpetuates us.  

Textile is a medium that I am currently using as a personal diary to tell stories. A genocide occurred in February 2014 in Venezuela, where 45 people died during peaceful demonstrations against the regime. This quilt is a monument of the people who lost their lives. It is a memorialization not mourning.


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