Organized in three exhibitions curated by Mikhaile Solomon, and William Cordova, and introducing its inaugural exhibition of presentations by select national and international galleries from Miami to Lagos, Prizm will present a global program examining the articulation of narratives in Africa and the African Diaspora through varying degrees of currency; the most overt being economic currency, but also, cultural, social, political, and even spiritual currencies.

Prizm’s extant special sections, Prizm Preview, Prizm Panels, Prizm Film, and Prizm Perform, will boast an international culinary experience in partnership with Barbados Tourism and Marketing, thought provoking conversations with industry leaders and performance that defies and expands our conventional understanding of visual arts practice.


To herald in the beginning of Prizm Art Fair during Miami Art Week,  Prizm hosts our signature cocktail event, Prizm Preview. Visitors can enjoy the fair with the syncopated rhythms masterfully presented by our selected performers. Performers include King Britt and DJ Kumi.

Click on the links below to view images from past Prizm Preview events.

Prizm Preview 2013
Prizm Preview 2014
Prizm Preview 2015
Prizm Preview 2016
Prizm Preview 2017
Prizm Preview 2018


Prizm hosts Prizm panels; a series of conversations & film screenings presented by thought leaders and practitioners in contemporary African and African diaspora art. 

Click on the link below to view our selection of talks at Prizm 2015.  2016 Prizm Panel Schedule will be available July 2016.

Prizm Panels 2015
Prizm Panels 2016
Prizm Panels 2017
Prizm Panels 2018


Patrice Khan-Cullors


Challenging conventional modes of artmaking, performance art has long been a medium within which artist can utilize a different format to explore, challenge, and dissect a range of ideas and frameworks. Prizm Perform offers this alternative mode of arts practice with works presented artists from African and the African Diaspora.  Click on the link below to view Prizm 2015’s performance piece by Jefferson Pinder featuring Lionz of Zion.

Prizm Perform 2015: Dark Matter(s)
Prizm Perform 2016: A Letter Home: Hoping to reach you soon, Part 2
Prizm Perfrom 2016: AYANA EVANS Gurl I’d Drink Your Bath Water
Prizm Perform 2017
Prizm Perform 2018



The Famous Art Critics is a cohort of multi-cultural art enthusiasts who gather for dinner and dialogue annually during Miami Art Week to discuss, highlight and elevate diverse individuals, institutions, and best practice for pathways to cultural equity in art:
journalism, curation, and execution praxis.

Famous Art Critics 2016


Prizm presents select films from African and Diaspora filmmakers. 2015 selections included Papa Machete produced by Third Horizon and Serendipity directed by Awol Erizku. Post screening panels with the producers of each film are available on our Prizm Panels page.

Prizm Film 2015
Prizm Film 2018



April 2015

In addition to our annual fair, Prizm also organizes and curates compelling exhibitions with partners institutions.  Previous exhibitions include My Big Black America at Rush, Corridor Gallery and Divinity Revealed exhibited at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center in Miami. 

Click here to learn more about our previous exhibitions.

WESLEY CLARK My Big Black America 84” x 144” x 14” salvaged and stained wood 2011
MOREL DOUCET White Noise, Let the choir sing a magnified silence (25 Affirmation) 2017

African Heritage Cultural Arts Center Miami, FL
October 2019

White Noise: When Raindrops Whisper and Moonlight Screams in Silence”, Morel Doucet’s first solo exhibition, examines a host of issues including racial identity, socioeconomic disparity, and colorism illustrated through the allegory and very clear and present realities of our climate crisis demonstrated in the decline and demise of our coral reefs and marine biodiversity. Morel’s visual narrative, while beautiful, simultaneously serves as a haunting metaphor for humanity’s ostensibly cyclical and never-ending collision with itself, visually portending the fossilized future of the human race without an intervention; the fallout from these collisions severely impacting the world we need to survive.

Click here to learn more about Morel Doucet and the the exhibition.