Prizm Art Fair 2017
Prizm Preview Event: December 5th
General Admission

Week 1: December 6th – December 10th
Open Daily: 10 am – 6 pm
Week 2: December 11th – December 17th
Open Daily: 10 am – 6 pm



curated by Mikhaile Solomon

In Cultural Hybridity in the Americas by Josef Raab and Martin Butler, Raab and Martin propose that “there exist multiple forms of hybrid spaces that bring forth a polyphonic range of cultural practices still waiting to be explored.”  In 2017, Prizm will present a global program examining and unpacking complexities inherent in transcultural dialogue and how Africa and its Diaspora preserve a sustainable dialogue with its identity relative to the dynamics present in the discursive transformation of cultures.   To that end, Prizm will explore an array of narratives shaping the Diasporic experience in widespread geographies across the globe including Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States to reveal a contemporary discourse that addresses forces defined by an evolved assessment and understanding of the effects of colonialism, the cultural adaptations that have emerged as a byproduct of relocation and displacement and the prescription for an illuminated future.  The result, we posit, is a trans-culturalism that supersedes the invasive forces of agendas that place limitations on the exchange of positive polyphonic cultural narratives which honor and support cultural differences whilst negotiating and understanding the histories that have led to our current transcultural state. 


Adrian Richards | Alfred Amadu Conteh | Akilah Watts | Amber Robles-Gordon | Andre Leon Gray | Andrea Chung | Anina Major | Anthony Olubunmi Akinbola |  Carmen Neely | Christopher Carter | Dáreece J.  Walker | Deborah Jack | Delano Dunn | Delphine Adama Fawundu | Dominique Hunter | David Gumbs | Ezra Wube | Ibrahim Ahmed | Ifeatuanya Chiejina | Jamea Richmond Edwards | Jared McGriff | Jeannette Ehlers | La Vaughn Belle | Katherine Simóne Reynolds | Kearra Amaya Gopee | Kennis Baptiste |  Kishan Munroe | Larry Cook | Leonardo Benzant | Llanor Alleyne | Louise Mandumbwa | Loyiso Mkize | Margaret Rose-Vendryes | Mario Moore | Mark King | Maya Amina | Morel Doucet | Helina Metafaria | Musa Hixson | Nahid Navab | Nandita Mukand | Nathaniel Lewis | Nazanin Noroozi | Nicole Awai | Nyugen Smith | Olalekan  Jeyifous | Onajide Shabaka | Oneika Russell | Olivier HÖlzl | Philip A. Robinson Jr. | Renee Cox | Richard Mark Rawlins | Rick Ulysse | Rodell Warner | Rose Marie Cromwell | Sharon Norwood | Shawn Theodore | Sheena Rose | Sheila Pree Bright | Shervone Neckles | Simone Asia | Stephen Towns | Tauliaut Henri | Terry Boddie | Terence Price | T Eliott Mansa | Vaughn Spann | Versia Harris | Vicke Pierre | Victor Ekpuk | Victoria-Idongesit Udondian | Wendell Mc Shine | Wesley Clark | Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu | Zeal Harris


presented by Lafayette College and the Experimental Printmaking Institute

“Swarm.” is a collaborative special project between artists Didier William and Nestor Armando Gil that examines the liminal space between known and constructed histories through the lens of immigrant and diaspora communities.

Exhibitors: Didier Williams | Nestor Gil


curated by William Cordova

The exhibition Chicago 9 is a curatorial project that evolved through art residency periods and studio visits between the years 2015-2017. The project includes 9 Chicago based visual and audio practitioners whose work has evolved and is informed by similar concepts of transformation, healing and alchemy that take various transcending forms.  The Chicago 9 also break from the visual and conceptual molds that have become the “hallmark style” in Chicago’s Art scene for many years. A mix of South side alchemy and West side ritual take precedence in this exposé at the Prizm Art Fair.
Exhibitors: Sabba S. Elahi | Antonio Francisco Lopez | Rhonda Wheatley | Mev Luna | Norman W. Long | Samantha Hill | N.Masani Landfair | Oscar Gonzalez Diaz | Daniel Haddad

the tranphysics we knew about...

curated by William Cordova

“We should distinguish the properties of particulars and gather by induction what pertains to the eye when visions take place and what is found in the manner of sensations.”

 -Ibn Al-Haytham (The Book of Optics: 11th century)

The metaphysics we knew about… a curatorial project by Miami/NY/Lima based cultural practitioner william cordova focuses on conceptual and philosophical strategies that national and international artists share. The exhibit also includes different generation of artists whose practice includes; performance, video, sculpture, drawing, painting and photography. Creating an intersection of shared ideas and conversations addressing topics on ritual, transformation and healing as constructive methods of dealing with trauma and loss.

Exhibitors: Purvis Young | Coco Fusco | Leslie Hewitt | Juana Valdes | Yanira Collado | Dinizulu Gene Tinnie | Wardell Milan | Aramis O’Reilly | Nicolas Sanchez | Lou Anne Colodny Arturo E. Mosquera | Debra Priestly | Donald McKnight |  Torkwase Dyson | Adriana Farmiga | Derrick Adams | Wayne Hodge | Arthur Polendo | Heather Hart | Colin Chase |  Carl Pope | Nyame Brown | Rashawn Griffin | Loren Holland | Onajide Shabaka | Izel Vargas | Bronwyn Katz | Ernesto Oroza | Charo Oquet | Robert Wade | Luis Gispert| Robert McKnight



“Gatekeepers”: Gatekeeper is a part of ongoing work Helina Metafaria has developed around transnational identities and migration. Through monologues, simple materials, and abstracted gestures, Helina will engage an audience

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Lest We Forget

Nyugen Smith(USA/Trinidad/Haiti) and Marvin Fabien (Dominica/Martinique) present a multi sensory performance derived from their on-going dialog related to the impacts of hurricanes and climate change in

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